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Will of William MAY of Burghfield
Berkshire, esquire, 14th November 1812 (& Codicil 2nd March 1842)

Beneficiaries: Cousin & executor, Thomas May of Basingstoke, Hants, brewer
Brother-in-Law & executor, Revd. Thomas Ellis of Milton, Oxon, clerk

Wife, Elizabeth May
(property in Burghfield & Ginge for her lifetime)

Brother, Charles May

Sister, Mary Ellis
(deceased in codicil)
Sister, Catherine May
Sister, Anne Cooper
(deceased in codicil, her share to be divided between her children)
Sister, Harriet May
(Harriet Sherwood, widow in codicil)
(property in Burghfield & Ginge divided equally after wifeís death)
Nephew, William Ellis May, son of late sister, Mary Ellis
(estate of Ginge in the occupation of John Stevenson)
Niece, Eliza Ann Sheppard, daughter of late sister, Mary Ellis
(their motherís share of property divided equally)
Coachman, William Gutteridge
Executor, James Winch Grave of Caversham
Tenant, John Stevenson of Ginge

Proved 1842

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