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surrounding the MAY Family

At present, I know of only one in-depth study to have been undertaken into the MAY Family of Hampshire and Berkshire. In 1991, as part of my History Degree at the University of Reading, I wrote a Dissertation entitled "The MAY Family of North-East Hampshire and Mid-Berkshire 1630-1830". It was a  study researched as part of a course called "The Family in Early-Modern England". Most of the data used had already been uncovered by my father over the previous thirty years, however, I then tried to pull all this information together, analyse it from a more social historical point of view and draw some hitherto unconsidered conclusions. There are currently only three hard copies of the original in existence. One is lodged at the University, I have one and my cousin, Peter Stevens, has another. What follows is a slightly updated version (2001) with varying illustrations. I hope it makes for interesting reading.

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