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Family Trees
of the MAY Family

Here are links to some family trees in various formats, for the MAY Family of North-East Hampshire & Mid-Berkshire. If you find any of your relatives here and would like to share information, please e-mail me. Alternatively, if you have MAY ancestry from the same areas then why not sent me your trees and I'll put them up on the site too.

The Author's MAY Ancestry

Pedigree Charts by Generation:

Generation 1
Generation 2
Generation 3
Generation 4
Generation 5
Generation 6
Generation 7
Generation 8
Generation 9
Generation 10
Generation 11
Generation 12
Generation 13
Generation 14
Generation 15
Generation 16
Generation 17

Family Trees in pdf Format:

For more traditional Family Trees, try the links below. Each launches a pdf file for which you will require a copy of Acrobat Reader, freely available from Adobe. If you are not familiar with pdf files and how to use them, please do not contact me, but examine the Adobe website.

Mays of Farringdon & Kingsclere (16th Century)
Mays of Kingsclere & Worting (16th & 17th Century)
Mays of Worting (17th & 18th Century)
Mays of Reading (17th & 18th Century)
Mays of Basing & Basingstoke (17th & 18th Century)
Mays of Newport (possible mid-17th Century Connection)
Mays of Nately Scures, Long Sutton & Pangbourne (17th & 18th Century)
Mays of Nately Scures, Basing, Bramley, Burghfield & Newnham (18th Century)
Mays of Sonning (18th & 19th Century)
Mays of Nately Scures, Fulham & West Ham (19th & 20th Century)
Mays of Hurst & Woodley (19th & 20th Century)
Mays of Harehatch, Newbury & Southampton (19th & 20th Century)
Mays of Englefield, Sulham & Tilehurst (18th & 19th Century)
Mays of Englefield, Reading & Bedborough (18th & 19th Century)
Mays of Reading & Send (19th & 20th Century)
Mays of Burghfield (18th & 19th Century)
Mays of Brimpton & Sonning (18th & 19th Century)
Mays of Basingstoke (18th & 19th Century)
Mays of Painswick & Charlcombe (19th & 20th Century)
Mays of Whitley Tilehurst, Reading, Thatcham & Sonning (19th & 20th Century)
Mays of Stamford, Bath, Parwich & All Cannings (19th & 20th Centuries)
Mays of USA (19th & 20th Century)
Mays of Canada (19th & 20th Century)
Mays of Caversham, Winchester & Geelong (19th Century)


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