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Will of Thomas MAY the Elder
of Farringdon

Hampshire, 10th April 1531

Beneficiaries: Poor Relations
Wife, Joan May
Son, John May
Son, William May
Son, Harry May
Richard May
Alice Porter
Alice May, daughter of Thomas May of Wood
Alice Porter, daughter of Robert Porter
Godson, Mr. Harry Norton, Gentleman
John Horston of Petersfield
Grandson, Thomas May, son of William May
Son of Thomas May
Grandson, Thomas May, son of Harry May
Grandson, Richard May, son of Thomas May of Wood
Son, Thomas May
John Porter
Mention of: Thomas Payne
William Beale of Petersfield
John Compton of Slade
Richard Land of Petersfield
Richard Smith of Alton
William Mayden
Richard Benyars
William Knight
Mr. Richard Norton Esq. of Charity
Witnesses: Harry Norton, Gentleman
Harry Egerton
John Horston
William Whateley
William Vincent
Richard May
Thomas Abridge

 Proved 1531

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