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Will of James MAY of Englefield
Berkshire, mealman, 27th June 1772

Beneficiaries: Brother & trustee, William May
Brother & trustee, Daniel May
Brother & trustee, Thomas May
Son, John May (under 21)
Son, William May (under 21)
Son, Charles May (under 21)
Son, Daniel May (under 21)
(property in Englefield purchased from brother, Thomas May & the late Francis Barrymores, mills & premises in Burghfield held in partnership with brother, William May)
Daughters (unnamed)
Son, James May (under 21)
(Farms in Englefield, leased or otherwise from Powlett Wright Esq.)
Mention of: Confirmation of the Marriage Settlement with his wife, Anne Lucy May
Wife’s Godmother, Mrs. Wright, late of Shaw

Tuition of his daughters, which was to be left to his wife, so long as she remained his widow. If she remarried, she was not to concern herself with such matters, which were to be handed over to his trustees.

"And it is my will and desire that my said sons shall be put to school and continue there as long as may be thought necessary in order to teach and instruct them particularly in English Writing and Accounts in order to fit them for the Business of Mealing and Farming to which business I desire they may be brought up"

 Proved 1773

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