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Burghfield Monumental Inscriptions
the MAY Family

St. Mary’s Churchyard

William May
who died 18th February 1797,
Aged 67 years.
wife of William May
who died 21st February 1790,
Aged 57 Years.
Mary Lyne
who died 18th March 1855,
Aged 88 Years.
daughter of William & Elizabeth May
who died 8th November 1794,
Aged 32 Years.
son of William & Elizabeth May
who died in infancy,
27th July 1774.
William May
who died 20th March 1842,
Aged 75 Years.
Elizabeth May
wife of William May Esq.,
who died 17th March 1848,
Aged 86 Years.

Jane May
who died 4th June 1775,
Aged 77 Years.

daughter of William & Elizabeth May,
born 27th May 1764
and died 7th January 1846.

Anne Cooper
daughter of William & Elizabeth May
who died 17th February 1846.

Charles May Esq.,
Who died 27th June 1847,
Aged 78 Years.

William Cooper
who died 11th February 1850,
Aged 82 years.

St. Mary’s Church

In the Family Vault
behind this transept are deposited
the mortal remains of
William May of Moatlands in this parish Esq.
He died 20th of March 1842,
Aged 75 years.
Respected by all who his worth, and
deeply regretted by his poorer neighbours,
to whom he endeavoured to give constant
employment, he cordially supported the
National School, and other charitable
institutions of the Parish: and regular
in his attendance at the House of God,
he liberally assisted in the rebuilding
of this sacred edifice, dedicated to the
Divine Glory.
Also of
Elizabeth wife of the above William May Esq.,
who died 17th of March 1848,
Aged 86 Years.


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