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of the A'Bear Family

The only major study into the A'Bear Family to have be published in hard copy format is Stephen Leach's 'The A'Bears of Wargrave,' but they have also been written about in a number of Wargrave parish histories:

A'Bears of Wargrave by Stephen Leach
Stephen's small booklet, concentrating on the family papers and the apparent connection with the De La Bere family, published in 1985. Including Corrections.

A'Bear Family in Legend by David Ford
Article summarising the work of Stephen Leach concerning the family legends and the De La Bere connection, from the Berkshire Family Historian. 

Extracts from the 'History of Wargrave' by Ernest Pope
The A'Bears feature prominently in this classic history of the parish published in 1929. 

Hill House, Harehatch by Brian Russell
Not available Online. This excellent history of Hill House and the A'Bears who lived there is contained in Chapter 5 of 'The Second Book of Wargrave' by the Wargrave Local History Society (1998)


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