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The De La Bere Family
Ancestors of the A'Bears 

Meet the Ancestors
Take a look at some of the De la Bere family and what they might have looked like.

Family Tree
Family tree showing the De la Bere descent in pdf format.

Early History
The early history of the De la Beres from the the time they first arrived in the country. Where did they first settle before moving to the Welsh borders?

The De La Beres at Weobley Castle
Weobley on the Gower Peninsula was home to the De la Beres for generations. Their proud castle still towers above the surrounding countryside today.

Sir Richard De La Bere & the Battle of Crécy
The chivalric figure who is central to both De la Bere and A'Bear family legends. Constable of Newcastle Emlyn and friend of the Black Prince.

The Walerond Legacy
The great estate of the Walerond family were fought over by many of their heirs and some who claimed to be, but weren't. The De la Beres made sure they weren't left behind.

Sir Richard De La Bere of Kinnersley
Sir Richard was the a well-known figure in British History, playing a prominent part in the Wars of the Roses. His fine brass in Hereford Cathedral is perhaps the most noteworthy of De la Bere memorials.


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